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Wildflower Bonanza-to-be on the San Antonio Mission Reach, Thanks to Above-average Rains

Wildflowers budding on the San Antonio Mission Reach. Check out the slideshow and a link to better understand the complex collaboration that brought the Mission Reach to life. Continue reading

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Timely Rains, Pent-up Seed Bank, and Little Competition Raise Hopes for a Banner 2012 Wildflower Season

The historic Texas drought continues but recent rains raise hopes and streams for a banner 2012 wildflower season. And that means more butterflies. Continue reading

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“Plant Lady” Lee Marlowe, Guardian of San Antonio River Riparian Restoration, Names Top 10 Troublesome Plants

A talk with “the Plant Lady,” Lee Marlowe, of the San Antonio River Authority and Guaurdian of its restoration. Lee shares her Top 10 Most Troublesome plants. Continue reading

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Butterfly FAQ: Pros and Cons of Tropical Milkweed and What to do with a Winter Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar or Chrysalis

Butterfly FAQs today: What to do with late season Monarch caterpillars you find this winter? And, some thoughts on the pros and cons of Tropical milkweed, that hearty, ubiquitous Monarch butterfly host plant. Continue reading

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Happy Winter Solstice! Celebrate with Seedballs, a Recipe, and Step-by-Step Directions on How to Make them

Celebrate the Winter Solstice by making seed balls! It’s easy, fun, and good for the planet. Plus, it reminds us of making mudd pies. Included in this post: the Texas Butterfly Ranch Seedball Recipe and step-by-step directions on how to make them. Continue reading

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San Antonio River Walk Boasts Vibrant “Butterfly City” Along Museum Reach as Butterfly Wildscape Matures

The Museum Reach of San Antonio’s famous River Walk sports a vibrant “butterfly city” and well-researched inspiration for those planning a butterfly garden at home or a butterfly wildscape. The improvements bode well for more butterflies flying in San Antonio and South Texas. Continue reading

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A Year in the Life of A Butterfly Garden: From Turf to a Butterfly Host and Nectar Garden, with Edible Landscape In Between

Let’s get busy, people. Your butterfly garden is waiting. Make it happen. Get inspired by this month-by-month slideshow of a year in the life of a butterfly garden. Continue reading

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